Thinking Outside the Office Box

Updated: May 19, 2020


Are you hoping this is the year that you pull yourself out of that career rut and start advancing professionally? It probably isn’t going to happen from behind your desk.

The days of digging in at one company and working your way to the top in a traditional sense are long gone. In other words, stop waiting around hoping that a promotion or raise is just going to fall into your lap. But what if everything you’ve been taught about happiness and success was turned completely upside down? Imagine putting your happiness first and not only achieving your goals but doing it with far less effort.

The key to your career advancement is more likely to come from outside the office. Develop new skills, explore new opportunities and increase your personal fulfillment. That’s the ticket to getting what you want out of your professional life. Here are a few ways you can get ahead in any job by making yourself smarter, happier and more motivated.

1. Gain side experience

Put in some legwork outside of work to earn a little extra cash and reignite your motivation.

Side jobs are a great way to ease into a new experience without the immediate pressure of having to support yourself.

This is also a great time to build professional skills in areas outside of your normal scope. Maybe you want to improve your networking abilities or get better at giving presentations. Think about what type of parttime opportunity could help you accomplish this.

In the consumer market, grassroots, person-to-person marketing is growing rapidly. Everyone is so bombarded with advertising messages online and on TV, that a recommendation from a friend is viewed as far more credible and trustworthy. Forever Living Products is the perfect example of the impact this business model can make. It could be just the opportunity you are looking for.

2. Find a mentor

It’s great to have a mentor at the office, someone who guides you, inspires and challenges you to do your best work.

It’s just as important, if not more so, to seek out advice from an outside perspective.

We live in the age of the entrepreneur. You don’t have to look very hard to find someone who has started their own business.

Have you ever spoken with a Forever Business Owner? They are some of the most generous entrepreneurs you’ll ever meet. They’ll not only share their success story with you but help guide you through the process of building a business yourself. That type of bond is hard to come by indeed.

3. Do well by doing good

The simple act of doing good for others can be an immense source of fulfillment and happiness.

If you can envision yourself working in the nonprofit sector, start by volunteering on your free time. Of course, you’ll be making a big difference in the lives of others.

You’ll also meet people who can give you advice on getting your foot in the door. As a regular volunteer at a charity or nonprofit, you’ve got a much better shot at being shortlisted when a paid position becomes available.

But the nonprofit sector is far from your only option. Environmental responsibility, skincare products that aren’t tested on animals, products that improve people’s lives by helping them look and feel better; these concepts are important to people. They are also at the very heart of Forever Living Products.

4. Cater to your personal fulfilment

Leaving work at work can feel like an impossible task, but it is an essential one.

When work stress seeps into your personal life, you not only suffer, but so does everyone around you. Studies show people who bring pressures from work home are less productive, more irritable, pessimistic and even depressed.

Take some time to unplug after work. Schedule some time every day that’s just for you. Something as simple as a nature walk or a night out with friends can add some much-needed balance to your life.

If the stress from your work is really taking a toll on your physical health, relationships and your ability to sleep, it’s probably time to start exploring new opportunities.

5. Don’t for less

Does it ever feel like your employer is getting more out of the relationship than you?

You’re not alone. According to Forbes, many people quit as a result of feeling unappreciated, overworked or undervalued. To sum it up, they feel as if they aren’t getting back what they put in. Sound familiar?

Another issue is that people with leadership skills may not have an opportunity to practice those skills in an office setting.

You deserve to have your hard work and determination rewarded through both higher pay and advancement. Don’t settle for less.

6. Let courage be your guide

Courage. That’s what it takes to put your life under a microscope and really decide to make a change.

And that’s exactly what Forever Living Products’ founder and CEO Rex Maughan did four decades ago when he left a successful career in real estate and dedicated his life to making products that help people look better, feel better and reach their financial potential.

He knows as well as anyone that you can get out what you put in and more, all while helping others rise alongside you. Is 2019 your time to be brave?

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