Miriam Silva: Breaking the Mold

When Miriam Silva lost her father to a preventable, obesity-related illness, it opened her eyes to some hard truths about her own life; if something didn’t change, she would find herself going down the same path. Miriam has two daughters of her own and couldn’t bear the thought of them having to watch her life slide down the same slow decline.

Honestly, I didn't know that I was so unheathy. I guess that is what denieal does.

“I watched my father slowly fade away because of the choices he made,” Miriam remembers. “After he died, I was angry with him for not prioritizing his health and angry with myself for going down the same path.”

In South Texas, this is a story that too many people have in common. With an obesity rate above 30 percent, The Institute for Public Health Promotion has listed obesity and diabetes as the biggest health threats in the region.

The perfect storm of her own genetics and a thriving food culture helped make Miriam part of this demographic – one she was more determined than ever to break free from.

With the death of her father fresh in her mind, Miriam turned to a familiar place to find the tools and inspiration she would need to turn her life around: Forever Living. Her mother is a long-time Forever Business Owner and she grew up with front-row seats to the life-changing impact the company had on her family financially. Miriam turned it into a family tradition, becoming a Forever Business Owner herself.

“Before my mother started her business, we were migrant farm workers,” Miriam says. “Forever showed my parents the world. Forever is the American dream.”

Miriam had no doubt that Forever could change her life in a way that was even more meaningful than the financial gain it brought her family. It could help her escape a prison of complacency and denial she’d been living in for far too long. She’d been sharing the business with others but struggled to take advantage of the health benefits herself and that had to change.

“I was never intentional with my health,” Miriam admits. “Honestly, I didn’t know that I was so unhealthy. I guess that is what denial does. I couldn’t climb stairs without being winded, I couldn’t tie my shoelaces, I couldn’t do basic house chores without taking a sequence of breaks. Keeping up with my girls was impossible. I was living life as a spectator. About a year ago, my husband checked my resting heart rate and it was close to 100 bpm.”

She knew people who had great results with Clean 9, a nutritional reset program that provides the body with key nutrients to complement an active lifestyle.

Miriam had even tried the program in the past – never quite being able to stick with it. But that was before her father had passed. Miriam was certain she’d meet the Clean 9 challenge this time around. She owned it to herself, her family and the memory of her father. She also allowed herself to see what she could achieve and discovered a strength that had been lying dormant, just waiting to be freed.

“I allowed myself to believe in me,” Miriam says. “I could see myself at the end of that nine days. I felt committed and determined.”

This time around, Miriam didn’t just finish Clean 9, she crushed it.

“In those nine days I meditated, I visualized the life that I was living and the life that I was determined to live,” Miriam remembers. “After just nine days I could see and feel the results! I felt like I was starting to get my life back.”

After just nine days I could see and feel the results! I felt like I was starting to get my life back.

She didn’t stop there. After making that promise to herself to finish Clean 9, Miriam moved on to the F15® program. The 15-day introductory fitness and nutrition program helped Miriam lose weight and feel better. Her energy increased. Daily tasks became easier. Miriam knows she still has plenty of challenges ahead to meet her ultimate goal, but there’s no doubt she will get there if her current progress is any indication.

“My lifestyle is changing but 36 years of unhealthy habits will not be undone overnight,” Miriam says. “I am being patient with my body. I’m savoring every moment, every small victory. My husband recently checked my resting heart rate and it was at 56 bpm!”

It looks like 2020 is shaping up to be a transformative year for Miriam and she plans to make the most of her momentum with her goal of losing a total of 70 pounds by the end of February.

Miriam came out on the other side of tragedy stronger, setting an important example for her family and community while accomplishing something her father would be proud of.

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