Roberto Chamorro

Hi, my name is Roberto Chamorro, I'm an Industrial Engineer, I've a Postgraduate in Business Administration, I'm a freelance designer and an "empirical" salesperson, the last two responsibilities are those that I'm passionate about because I have dedicated more than 15 years working in two companies that I had the opportunity to found, grow and maintain within all difficulties, as all entrepreneurs went through in order to achieve our financial freedom ... but, in the last year I found a company where we can achieve this dream by focusing on maximizing our experiences and put them into practice with an exponential growth market, in addition to supporting other people to achieve their own goals and to have economic growth just like the market ... Forever Living Products, meets three objectives for me: your system chain, makes us work as a team (training, sales, customer service), high quality products, 100% convinced of that DO work ... and the third point, a compensation and growth system that allows you to dedicate the necessary time to be where you want, earning what you want and above all, that you can have time to be with your family and make them part of this great company ... I will be extremely grateful to all those who join as consumers of the product or as members of my team, to whom I will dedicate all the time necessary to make them feel healthy and happy. to earn money with us ... thanks for reading this message and I will be in contact with you, regards!